Chinese Kenpo

Chinese Kenpo is a combination of Hung-Ga Kung-Fu and Kosho-ryū   Karate, Kung-Fu is a fluid style that redirects the opponents force, Karate is a rigid style that meets force against force. Williams KS Chow learn Hung-ga Kung-fu from his father, and trained with James Mitose  in Kosho-ryu Karate, William Chow stared to take parts of Hung-ga and Kosho-ryu and put them together combining a rigid style which is karate and a fluid style which is Kung-Fu together and he named his new mixed martial art, Chinese Kenpo. Ed Parker Sr. new Frank Chow who was William Chows younger brother and Frank Chow started to teach Ed Parker Sr. Chinese Kenpo and one day Frank said to Ed Parker that he showed Ed Parker Sr. everything he new and that he would have to go train with his brother Willy, When William Chow first meet Ed Parker Sr. he did not what to train him ,he called him a round eye, or a foreigner but later did agreed to train Ed Parker Sr. in Chinese Kenpo.