Getting Started

 T&D Martial Arts has been teaching in South Florida since 1968 and is the oldest Martial Arts Studio in South Florida.
at T&D Martial Arts we will design a program that fits your needs all of our programs are designed around the person and his or her ability so you will get the maximum results with the minimum time. T&D Martial Arts has programs design just for street self-defense, rape prevention, weight lose.

Call to set up the 10 minute interview ( 954 ) 746-0202

We will start you with a two week introductory program,( just you and the instructor ) after the introductory program you and the instructor will have a better idea of what you can or can not do and will be able to set you up on a program that best suits your ability.





We pledge that the individualized training offered only at Tiger & Dragon Studios will provide you with the best in self-defense and martial arts instruction.


We recognize each student as an individual with different needs, abilities, and emotions.  We will utilize Tiger & Dragon’s unique combination of private instruction and group lessons with each student to develop his/her maximum potential.


We treat all students with respect. The student is of utmost importance at Tiger & Dragon; he/she is the reason for our existence.  No student need feel embarrassed about being a beginner; we were all beginners once.


We teach the use of the art of karate solely for purposes of defense, never for purposes of aggression.  We convey an attitude of respect for the teaching of karate and an understanding of the responsibility that a knowledge of karate entails


We recognize that each student comes to us with his/her needs, and it is our responsibility to deal with each student honestly, accurately, and with Integrity.