About T&D



Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts or T&D in the old days some people said T&D stood for Tracy & Dunne but it was Tiger & Dragon, T&D is the oldest school in South Florida which opened in 1968 under Tom Dunne on Biscayne Boulevard. By 1970, Tom Dunne had 7 Martial Arts schools opened in Hialeah, North Miami, North Miami Beach, South Miami, Miami, Miramar and Fort Lauderdale.    Anybody doing Kenpo Karate in South Florida during that time trained with Tom Dunne directly or indirectly. 

*Tiger & Dragon Studios have been established for over 40 years (in SouthFlorida.)

*Tiger & Dragon Studios are well known in the United States.

*Tiger & Dragon Studios are one of the few schools certified in Japan.

*Tiger & Dragon Studios have been awarded numerous times by the state and county to name a few Bob Graham, Dade County Schools, American Public Service etc.

*Tiger & Dragon Studios are the only schools certified to teach Shootfighting in South Florida.

*Tiger & Dragon Studios instructors are AKKA certified.

*Head instructor Bart Vale has over 30 years experience in the martial arts.

*Bart Vale is one of the highest-ranking black belts in Chinese Kenpo.

*Bart Vale has been featured in `Sports Illustrated`, MTV Sports, CNN, Channel 7, and numerous karate magazines and newspapers.

*Bart Vale has been inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (1993).

*Bart Vale has been inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame (1994).

*Bart Vale is the World Shootfighting Champ.

*Bart Vale trains and competes in Japan.






 It is this unique concept of personalized, private instruction that has set us apart from all other schools of self-defense.  By working one on one with your personal instructor, you are able to achieve a greater degree of proficiency.  Most importantly, private instruction means that anyone can learn to defend themselves regardless of age, athletic experience or learning ability.



In conjunction with personalized private instruction, students may choose to train in-group classes designed to supplement their private classes.  This combination of both private and group classes offers the students the most unique and versatile self-defense program available.  Group classes emphasize the basics of karate and body conditioning resulting in improved flexibility, coordination, muscle tone, and endurance.  All classes are taken on a special rubber floor, which is designed to minimize the amount of aerobic shock your body takes.