Tom Dunne

Thomas D. Dunne

 Born in Chicago, Illinois and later moved to San Jose, California were he was introduced to Kenpo by Jim Tracy. Jim Tracy and Tom had met prior when they served on the Armed forces. Returning from duty Tom Dunne established a passion for Kenpo and trained with Jim and Al Tracy. After acquiring his black belt, reputation, and respect in the Martial Arts community. Tom Dunn  introduced Chinese Kenpo to South Florida in 1968. He opened the first school in Biscayne Boulevard that actually started a chain reaction. His students consisted of people from all walks of life. By 1970 Tom Dunne has established seven Tracy’s Chinese Kenpo Schools in South Florida. After seeing Tom Dunne in a self defense presentation, the North Miami police department was so impressed, they asked him to instruct at the police academy.  Tom Dunn founded and coached a tournament fighting team. The team competed under the name “The Miami Vice Team”. The team won by beating the 1st  place and top ranking “Anheuser-Busch Team”. Tom Dunne’s positive enthusiasm and coaching produced more Kenpo Karate competition champions, instructors, and great martial artist than any other coach.  With Toms’ thirst for knowledge and passion for Kenpo, he expanded his training with the top Kenpo Karate masters of our time, William Chow, and by Ed Parker.

For over 30 years Tom Dunne had, in one way or another, directly or indirectly, taught some of  the best instructors that teach today in Chinese Kenpo schools across the country including World Champion Bart Vale.  Bart Vale becoming his highest ranking black belt.